Saturday, August 29, 2009


Found during the sorting of my supplies a couple of weeks ago all of these slivers of shibori dyed rice paper. I didn't want to toss them (the colors are yummy) and happily I came up with a good reason to keep them a little while later.
Its interesting to revisit all of these fragments of old projects and to find new uses for them.


Elizabeth B said...

Just a word or two to say thanks for chronicling your recent journey of refinement and focus (i.e., weeding and sorting). It's one that stares me down daily but knowing someone else has undertaken the task and lived through it gives me hope that little by little I'll be able to do the same. (I always enjoy your art -- but to see someone else struggle with the burden of excess has been more reassuring than you'll ever know!)

alsokaizen said...

Oh Elizabeth thank you I was sure that everyone out there was thinking that I was really boring... Its not exactly a fun process but I think on the whole it has benn a good way to find some focus, and its more than a little freeing to realize that I can just let go of stuff. Heres hoping that it pays off with some renewed creativity!