Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Basket 2

Had to start over with longer pieces of paper. Right now it looks like some sort of celebratory insect. I will have to leave it for the moment a less fun project is demanding my attention.


Elizabeth B said...

Pooh on the less fun projects. I LOVE this diagonal basket, it has life. The one thing that distressed me with the first basket is that the colors were wonderful, but I lost the sense of the gorgeous shibori patterns on the paper (especially that lovely early shot where you've extended the "ribs" or vertical pieces and you see those terrific earth tone shiboris, but once it's woven you lose the dyed pattern because of the juxtaposition of color and basket weave). Got me to thinking about "warp-faced" baskets and how to go about doing them... Hmmm.

alsokaizen said...

Oh Elizabeth
I totally agree about "less fun" stuff :) I'm glad you like the baskets. The two different weaves really do have different effects This diagonal one is much jazzier in effect and you are right that the shibori does get kind of lost... if you work out the warp faced basket let me know I'd love to see how it works!