Thursday, September 17, 2009

Color Blend Result

Here it is, the container worked out pretty well. I'm considering trying a longer thinner container to see if I can't get more colors on one piece of fabric. One possibility would be one of those plastic dividers you use in silverware drawers....
Yeah I know orange again but this time it was at moms request. I am having a tough time telling if the colors in my photo are accurate because my computer monitor is dying a slow death and keeps tinting everything hot pink,
Its incredibly disturbing.


coral-seas said...


Dyeing is a black art I know nothing about but I'dlove to have a go at this.

leilani said...

This piece is absolutely fantastic! Please let me know if you ever do any shibori or any kind of dyeing in the oranges/reds/golds that you would like to sell. The one piece of orange shibori I got from you is all used up and would love more for my stash of treasures.

alsokaizen said...

Hi coral-seas
this type of dyeing is really fun and has instant gratification all over it, I say go for it!
hi leilani
I will be doing some more of these before too long I just have to get more white fabric... I had to send all of the new pieces off except for the skinny one in the later post, if you are interested just let me know!