Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fabulous Beast

Still feeling a disconnect from the artwork, just an inability to sustain the activity for long.
At the moment the care and feeding of my physical body is just a higher priority.
It ranges from the fundamental to the frivolous.
On the fundamental end:
I'm moving more, walking further and faster as well as increasing my yoga practice, and maintaining karate practice.
Trying to drop a few pounds by watching what I eat and making a few better choices
Beginning to develop a rudimentary meditation practice
On the frivolous end:
Buying new clothes and trying to present myself a little better on a day to day basis.
Getting massages as regularily as possible.
Giving myself pedicures.
I still struggle with the frivolous stuff, makes me feel as though I'm acting "spoiled"a personal hot button, however if I'm gonna get through the tougher stuff it helps to make some parts of this process pleasurable.
This evening I had the thought that doing all of this for myself is sort of like caring for an exotic pet. Something strange and rare that requires my care to survive and that if cared for lovingly might transform into something even more fabulous.

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