Thursday, May 20, 2010

Found in the Cracks

Been resisting these for awhile. I notice them on the ground as I walk gathering in the cracks of the pavement. I like the texture of them. The similarity/individuality they have.

So I broke down and gathered them up.

Arranged as if they were fish scales, rhythm imposed.

Looking close, the texture magnified and transparency is noticed.


neki desu said...

texture and rhythm what a slice of nature!

karin said...

How beautiful things look if one takes many of them and arranges them in a repeat pattern. i saw this also at the ACAD show I went to this week. One student had arranged shallots in a simple repeat and had done the same with other repeated elements in an installation. It was very powerful. It is as if by having many we notice the small differences.. it makes us close in on the repeated element. Thanks for posting this.