Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Messy Bits

I was told before that the back of a piece should be as perfect as the front.

I never seem to achieve it, and I'm not completely sure that I buy that idea.

In drawing and painting classes there was a certain appreciation for being able to see the artist's search for the chosen mark or stroke to convey the form.

The back of most of my pieces seems to conceal a multitude false starts, errors and patches.
A bit of a mess.
Another trail I've left behind.
also I love this


neki desu said...

i find it charming as it shows the maker's hand.
thanks for the link!great read.

alsokaizen said...

I think you are right Neki showing the makers hand is important, Love kirsty's blog many gems to be found there said...

Thanks for the link to Kirsty Hall's thoughts on creativity. It was a good reminder. Also, thank you for showing the BACKS of your stones. All this time I have been thinking they were clean and flawless all the way around, and that you had perfected the magic of invisible knots and hidden thread tails. I thought you were perfect! Aha! You are human! Now I can go back to my studio again.

alsokaizen said...

They are SO not flawless! That is why I started putting them on backgrounds :) of course then the backgrounds became another level to the piece...