Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Abacus Moon

Abacus Moon

I am starting to fight back against the winter blues and find my daily practice again.
We have been battling illnesses (Lar's) and injuries (mine) and Netfix streaming has replaced most life of activities.
I need to start moving again, body mind and spirit or I will slide into a full on depression.
I'm trying to get out of the house a bit, contact friends, shake off the cobwebs, and tomorrow I will be going to Hot Yoga again, its been over a year since I've been to that class.
Not sure how that will go, I pulled a glute muscle back in January trying to see if I could still do a cartwheel (the answer was yes but I have to stop at 3 in a row or all bets are off and something will go POP!!)
Last night we went to see The Who with some friends which was a badly needed night out. Sometimes a loud rock concert is just the ticket to shake things loose. Roger can still sing those high notes and Pete may not jump anymore but is still a phenom on the guitar!


Mary Stori said...

3 cartwheels?? I can barely bend over to vacuum my couch!! Love the new beaded rock.......still looking for smooth ones around here in our mountains....perhaps in the spring I can get out to some of the rivers where they will be easily found. You inspire me.

liniecat said...

Oh WoW.........The Who! Ace night out!
Glad the fog is lifting for you... slow n steady ......... and all will be well

alsokaizen said...

Hi Mary, well now I won't be doing any more for a long time!I can't wait for spring either, I'm starting to see some signs but its still a ways off
Hi linicat
It really was a great night out, I never got to see them in back in the day *sigh* that would have been something!