Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo's Wake

 We got up early today and finished the last of the shoveling, now we can leave the house AND get mail. It was a big job for 2 folks with snowshovels but we got it finished. Funny how ones standards diminish as the fatigue sets in,
"is it wide enough for the car?"
 "good enough then"
 This is the back yard, nearly featureless under the blanket of snow. Some of it has already melted down and we are expecting 40 degree weather tomorrow so I'm sure the chail will become more visible soon.
Some sort of small yet intrepid adventurer has left a tiny path across the yard, probably some sort of vole finding a place to hunker down, just like the rest of us.

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liniecat said...

Golly!!! rather you than me lol