Saturday, February 9, 2013


When did they decide to start naming all the storms?
We have weathered the storm with barely a power outage.
the measurement on the back porch is 30+ inches (some of that might be drift but whatever) I have spent the day either shoveling, eating (I figure I can have ALL the pizza), watching DVR-ed Project Runways or walking the dogs. Those poor dogs just don't know where to poop, all of their favorite spots are covered up!
It is utterly hilarious to watch them porpoising through the snow, tires them out too, which is good because I have NO energy left after all of the shoveling. We got a path big enough to drive through down the drive to the street done today. Tomorrow we plan to dig out the mailbox and the rest of it is of no concern whatsoever. I will happily wait for it to melt on its own.
Off to medicate with wine and Naproxin now and watch the Bruins game. 
Hope everyone else dealing with this is in good shape, safe and warm.


jude said...

buried, but ok

alsokaizen said...

Glad to hear you are OK, now to watch it melt.