Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Taste of Elegance

Marble House, view of the back lawn and courtyard
 Well our big night out evening was a complete blast!
The rear balcony of Marble House was decked out with awnings and tables for the dinner
and the courtyard was set up for the cocktail hour.
The dress was fabulous, and Lar looked very dapper in the tux
The weather was perfect too
Decked out in our finery

Phil  and Linda
 It was a real treat to spend an evening like this, many thanks to Phil and Linda who invited us.
 The Newport mansions are sort of insane, these astonishing creations were to be used for summerhouses
now most of them are open for tours, it was fun to be inside for an actual event instead.
I think both of us would do it again.

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neki desu said...

definitely great gatsby! handsome gent in tux, not to mention the belle beside him.