Monday, June 10, 2013

May Passes

Spring has been flowing past quickly this year, from day to day its hard to realize how much is changing.
I have been wandering back through the photos I've taken of the garden and the transformation is happening before my eyes.  
This little tulip was captured on the first of May, now even the leaves are dead and gone.

Going back through my last posts I discovered that I never shared how the succulent fountain ended up looking, I seem to write posts in my mind that never get put on the blog!
Here it is as of last week.
I really love how it looks... much nicer than the mosquito breeding ground it was before.
 Now that it has settled in I will probably add a few more sprigs from plants growing around the garden. 
This is another photo from the beginning of May, the back border mulched and settled in for a season of recovery. Many of the plants were cut back nearly to the ground to give the roots a chance to regenerate, 
now they are a foot or more tall.
We have had a cool-ish spring this year, it agreed with many of the plants. The crab apples have really started to come into their own in the last couple of years. This year they put on a very pretty show of pink froth in the second week of May. 
Its hard to believe that the month blew by that quickly!

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