Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aug 17- Stirring the Studio

I did a bit of straightening up in the studio,
found some very bound up energy in this stack of

not quite ready to deal with that today
maybe tomorrow

Spent a little time with the stones
this project is very tight right now 
a muscle that was stretched a little too far
now needs very gentle exploration
Stones are patient

Another project found in an incubation phase 
It waits
gatherings and gleanings are collected 
I will know when to start doing more
if I pay attention

I know I'm not done with these 
or they aren't done with me
they are all interrelated
sometimes its hard to know where to start
maybe with something new?

That would stir things up.


Mary Stori said...

I know just what you much to do....and certainly not enough often can get overwhelming. I await what clever project you will share with us next!

alsokaizen said...

It will be interesting to see which rabbit hole will swallow me up!