Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 26- Sunflowers

Free sunflowers at the farmers market yesterday
fields of them 
just grab some clippers and carry them home.
Food for the spirit.

Some other things came home with us too, 
home baked honey wheat bread, fresh tomatoes and multi colored beans.
The bread and some tomatoes were immediately put to use in grilled cheese sandwiches,
later I tossed the beans with olive oil salt and pepper and roasted them.
They were like candy.
More tomatoes were tossed with pasta, fresh herbs and goat cheese for dinner this evening. 
no pictures were taken as it was eaten too fast.
Fresh ripe tomatoes are a wonderful thing.

I've come to cooking late in life. I was uninterested and rather intimidated when I was younger.
Lar cooked nearly all the dinners we ate for the first 5 years we were together.
Now I am the person more likely to try something new.
Always on the lookout for a good vegetarian recipe to try.
I think more tomatoes will find their way into a couscous salad tomorrow.


neki desu said...

glorious sunflowers.
try chick pea feta tomato salad. olive oil and herbs as condiment.

alsokaizen said...

I'll try it!