Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6-

Well I give up. The new template was pretty but it had me flummoxed as to how to get comments to show up.
So be it. I will go back to this format where I can answer comments without jumping through hoops.
I will just have to spiff the place up the old fashioned way.
Today Dillon found me this feather on one of our walks. I think it may be an owl feather simply because it is so soft, but it may have belonged to a hawk or turkey.
It reminds me of judes feather project.
I have been limiting the media I am taking in, I have found that I was using other's voices to drown out my own. There are so many sources, websites, news, tv, books, facebook, pintrest, games, and more that aren't coming to mind...
I don't want to cut myself off completely, all of these make good servants but poor masters. (maybe not the games)
I have been encountering aspects of the the idea of disconnecting repeatedly over the last week here, here, and here
All serving to reinforce my impulse, to curate my life a bit more discerningly.


neki desu said...

knew the first link, found the last one very good.
imo there are few people who are making things and the rest rehash those things one way or another.just check pinterest.
agree on the cool new dynamic views. too much stress generating to be useful.

alsokaizen said...

Hi Neki, yeah I wanted to be able to comment back and forth and the new dynamic wasn't going to let me without some sort of complicated work around, I'm on blogger cause its easy :) I like easy when it comes to tech.
I really enjoy Justine Musk's blog its very inspiring