Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2- Garden Notes 1

I spent some time today wandering the garden taking photos.
I'm trying to notice the views that the garden presents and think of ways to enhance them.
I had many thoughts and took many pictures.
They will be coming to you in a series
Front Point
(frames the view of the house, the first garden I added to the yard)
This is the only garden I have done much work in this year, all the others are being left alone until the fall transplants get started. Last season I really tore this one apart moving things into the North Wall. I left it alone for the first part of the summer so I could get a good look at the surviving plants. I've had many problems getting plants to grow here so I figured anything that had survived had earned its spot.
I just had to find where that was.
Everything got redefined into neater clumps, or shifted to give it a better chance, invasives were removed and I mulched. It looks much better now. I will watch it and decide if anything needs to be added or removed.
I will probably put in some spring bulbs this fall.

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