Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept 3- Garden notes

I plan to add an element to the front point garden using this branch and a birdhouse.
I want to add some year round presence, normally I would gravitate to a conifer but this close to the road and its winter salt a pine would just suffer.
I am trying to use decorative elements sparingly, I prefer to use rocks and branches that are found on the property to create impact, although I do have some decorations that have been gifted or bought.

Not all of the stone walls we have put in are natural, last year Lar added a retaining wall and a garden bed to the top of the front yard next to the driveway, it was a problem spot always too hot and dry for grass so mulch and shrubs make a better solution.
The front yard is steeply sloped, I favor removing the grass entirely and replacing it with terraced beds... Lar is not convinced.
At the top of the driveway is one of the three original stone retaining walls. I am making slow progress on getting things to grow here. It is another very hot dry spot. My success with the succulent fountain this year has me thinking of applying that idea on a grand scale...
Building a series of succulent fountains in the wall and along the top.
It is a stage-like space so it needs more presence than it currently has. Adding some succulent filled structures will help it to express more personality, and succulents are able to withstand the desert-like conditions.
It will also help to define the stairs, creating a low barrier between them and the dropoff
and give the entryway a little more oomph.

Walking up the stairs feels a little precarious with such a steep dropoff
and it will help to frame the view of this dramatic white pine that grows at the foot of the driveway.
its a plan.

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