Sunday, July 30, 2017


today I took pictures.
I hunted hummingbirds
The new feeder is attracting a competing pair who chase each other around.
they are the epitome of small but fierce a combination of qualities that makes me smile.
The garden needs attention
so I spent time looking at it
one of the less overgrown beds
I went to Lar's gig last night so I am tired today and I want to just wander about and ponder stuff
I've started to nibble at "The Language of the Goddess"-Marija Gimbutas
I bought it used with someone else's voice inscribed in it
A textbook I think....
follow the notes?


Ms. said...

Sundays are for wandering
wherever you will or want
Tra la la la la laaaaaaha

alsokaizen said...

Indeed! this one certainly was :)

Liz A said...

We went to hear a local songwriter perform the other night and he sang a newly written song entitled Hummingbird Halo. He told the back story that two hummingbirds buzzed over his head as he refilled the feeder, causing his partner to comment "It looks like you have a hummingbird halo." Perhaps it will show up on his Reverb feed someday (

alsokaizen said...

I'll see if I can find it, I like the imagery