Saturday, July 29, 2017

weaving the nest

7/28/17- On Thursday I picked up my CSA basket so Friday night was a cooking night: refrigerator pickles, roasted salsa, white beans and roasted broccoli w/ Dijon dressing, and zucchini bread. Keeping up with so much produce means a lot more cooking and much better food.
No pictures were taken
No other work was done

7/29/17- Today has been a whirl of chores and errands and appointments with still more to come and a night out to see Lar's band play to top it off.

Feb 2017
These two are in full on summer shed, and after 2 days tumbleweeds of fur gather in the corners of the house.
No pictures were taken
No other work has been done

Tomorrow I hope to take pictures
and spend some time in the garden

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