Thursday, August 10, 2017

Little Griefs

Katydid nymphs?
Over at Grace's Windthread someone left the thought "little griefs"
I feel them deeply
There are no katydids singing this year, and very few crickets.
Very quiet
I found these tiny bodies on the porch and I expect I won't be hearing any at all this year.
I don't know why it has happened
I miss them
I'll keep listening, maybe next year.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

may their Spirits fly free

Ms. said...

Golly, it touches me too....dear critters, life cycles, heat waves, political heat and many "little" griefs. What a beautiful post. Just to be reminded that someone else loves and grieves is a comfort. Sometimes a blog post is a public shape to thoughts and permission to feel. Thank you.

Ms. said...

May I share this at FB you have a button suggesting I might

jude said...


alsokaizen said...

I suppose they will find other places to land

alsokaizen said...

sometimes all of those small things can make me go silent because I think that the telling of them is too much, it helps to know others understand and grieve too