Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All Yet None

heatset sampler pt2
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Finished the "sampler" this past weekend. Its sort of a casserole of techniques...mola, applique, quilting, shibori, embroidery... all yet none. I have had a devil of a time getting a good photo of it too, the heat set poly is sort of shimmery and while that makes the texture really dynamic in real life it is easily washed out in photos..I seem to have to choose between the color (pale purple) or the texture.
I've gone back into the piece with decorative stitching on the background/shibori and hand stitching on the appliqued squares using violet and metallic threads.The little squares looked like TV screens to me so I picked the metallic thread to play on it a bit. It has a sort of vibrating effect with all the shimmer and repetitive lines.
I'm really glad I chose to work smaller this time... not feeling so massively invested made it a more playful experience and I think that comes through.
For some reason the REM song "Whats the frequency Kenneth?" kept running through my head when I worked on it...very odd.
I've gotten another idea for a little piece using some of these ideas too.
But in the meantime back to the Ginkos

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