Friday, April 4, 2008

Heat Set Sampler

While working on the ginkgo this past month I kept coming up with other things I wanted to try with these heat set textures. For once I decided to not embark on another ambitious project but instead to just try something on a small scale. In this case it is an applique- mola- heatset shibori- embroidery thingy, a just for the fun of it sort of project. This is the first half of it. I started with a two tone poly the kind with one color as the weft (silver) and another as the warp (purple) that creates a weird reflect-y sort of fabric. I stitched it in a running stitch to create a pleat on a grid leaving every other square blank. Then I heat set it and pulled it flat(ish) by stitching it to a background. Once stretched I went back in with some squares of a slubby textured poly/cotton in a silvery grey. These squares were cut in the center so the smooth sections of poly showed through the little windows and stitched down. At this point it began to look like little TV sets to me! I'm currently doing some decorative stitching that I will post pics of when its done


neki desu said...

very interesting.
have you considered experimenting with the binding techniques?

neki desu

alsokaizen said...

Hi neki thanks for dropping by, I have tried some makiage as well as other patterns of mokume techniques using heat setting. I really enjoy the sculptural qualities of the process!