Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too Windy

Today I had planned to set up outside and catch up on my photography. I have been trying to get the ETSY store filled with all the products that are just sitting around for lack of decent photos. It was bright and sunny and warm out. I had even managed to get all the other pressing tasks for the weekend finished yesterday. It was also quite breezy. Once I got set up I realized that this was not the day to try this as it was definitely going to be an exercise in frustration. I did get one shot of the sashes I dyed last week though.
Instead I opted to try some discharge shibori that I've been wanting to do. Shibori girl Glennis has posted a wonderful picture from a recent museum visit that served as the inspiration for this bit of trial and error. I love the zigzag of the motif in the original and I wanted to try to do the same thing however I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep the motifs consistently spaced so I decided to use wooden beads bound into the fabric at intervals to keep some consistency.
I started with a long panel of dark brown linen (I think) fabric and bound in the beads. Next I plunked it into a bleach solution.
My first attempt got a bit too blasted out.
the second one came out better, I increased the wraps on the resist and reduced the amount of bleach as well as the length of time in the solution. I like the result although it looks very little like the inspiration at all... its also very difficult to see the pattern as it is being bound so the motif is sort of broken up a bit!


Anonymous said...

I admire your attempt here to recreate that fabulous fabric from the LACMA field trip!
As the kids in the 4th grade room discovered last week, it's more difficult to achieve a planned design in shibori than it looks!
That shibori has had me wondering how it was made as well!

Anonymous said...

and yea, the wind is definitely a bummer when it comes to photographing
fabric outside!! been windy here too and last week i had my white tent box outside blowing all over the place. finally had to weigh it down with bricks and got a couple shots off. have to wait for calmer dyas to shoot more product!

alsokaizen said...

today (a work day, of course) is high overcast and still. The perfect weather for a photo shoot! I seriously considered skipping work, maybe tomorrow