Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tool of the Week – Sewing Machine

This week I’m featuring a more modern tool, at least in comparison to the last two, the sewing machine. As tools go this one is a serious time saver. I can’t imagine having to do all of my stitching by hand. I have two sewing machines at present. They are basic but that’s really all I need for the work I do. Both of them are Sears Kenmore models. My newer one is only two years old and has more bells and whistles than I will probably ever use. It has a large computerized selection of stitches and quite a few special bits and pieces but my favorite doodad on it is the “needle down” button! In the photo lurking behind this Fancy Dan is the Beast, over 20 years old, made from solid metal, it weighs a ton and is still going strong. That machine accompanied me on my abbreviated college career and everywhere since. It is still plugging away, a bit worse for wear (just like me). When I want finesse it’s the shiny new one I use but if I want to power my way through 4 layers of denim then I free the beast!

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