Saturday, July 12, 2008

10 More Things to Love About Summer

I’ve been thinking and I’ve come up with a few more things for the list
1. Wild Blueberries, I don’t know why (maybe it’s the thrill of the find) for some reason they just taste so much better than the ones from a store.
2. Rope swings, The kids in the neighborhood just put one up at the pond I haven’t indulged… yet.
3. Wild Blackberries, these are growing in the woodsy bit at the side of our yard, yum!

4. Salads, they do seem to taste their best on the hot days. This is a riff on the idea of tabouleh*

5. Gin and Tonic, a good one is very refreshing on hot days

6. Going barefoot, never gets old!

7. Hearing wind chimes through open windows

8. Perfect blue skies

9. The sound of warblers echoing through the trees late in the afternoon, liquid beauty
10. Contemplating the garden, preferably as I indulge in #6 and #5!

* One can chick peas drained and rinsed, 2 C grape tomatoes halved, 3 stalks celery finely sliced, 3 carrots grated, 1 bundle fresh parsley chopped, ½ small onion minced, tossed with ½ C lemon juice. Served with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Tastes strong ½ the parsley could be replaced with another type of green. Would work well with goat cheese


beth (teegee) said...

I totally agree with all of the above.

I'll add #11:
Accidentally weeding a huge handful of tiny baby leeks, thinking they were grass, then deciding to let the onion-hating 9 y.o. son have a taste.
Nothing better than sitting in the middle of the veg beds, munching leeks, peas and beans, in the sun, watching my kiddo chomp them down like candy.

alsokaizen said...

I think more folks would love veggies if they could try them straight out of the garden, your garden sounds terrific!