Saturday, July 5, 2008

Desire Intention Action

As I continue to sort out my mental/physical space I am trying to really tune into what I want to spend my time doing, and how it fits into what my intentions are for my life.
I have been looking back on the past few years of experiments, craft fairs and ETSY and I find that the time I put into some aspects of it are out of whack with my desires.
I presently do a great deal of tie dye, I take pride in my work and I really appreciate the enthusiasm others have for it, however I have been doing this for a long time and I’m personally much more excited with the results of more intensive shibori techniques and my design work. So now I find that I am invested in a direction I want to change. I have an inventory of the tie dye that I need to sell, and not much of anything else to replace it. So how do I make this shift? I don’t think I can just quit the tie dye yet so for awhile I will continue to maintain this inventory and do the fairs and so on.
I’ve decided to start by streamlining the inventory, organizing it so that the day to day tasks of maintenance take as little time as is possible, and to make sure everything that is available for listing to ETSY is prepped and ready. I can begin to slim it down as I go. I hope that this framework will also serve the work that follows as I make the shift away from tie dye to something else.
I’ve managed to get some of this task done. I started by organizing my physical inventory, recording it, photographing most of it, and writing copy for a whole bunch of it (still a lot more to go on that task)
This isn’t a very fun chore since it’s a big effort in the service of something I’m not too interested in but I do feel really good about getting it done. So for the time being creative projects are on hold until I think that I have cleared enough space in my life to make the shift I desire. I will keep my actions in harmony with my intentions as well as my desires and see what happens


Anonymous said...

I wonder what you mean by intentions. Have you considered what Outcomes you would like and how you might manifest your actions to meet any outcomes you set yourself?

alsokaizen said...

A very good question I think I have some idea of the out come I want but I can't say it is very clear...settling on an outcome is hard for me:)