Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whoops where did it go?

I can’t belive July is already over. I feel like I just got here. Come to think of it I seem to have missed June as well… my time during the past couple of months has been consumed with:
A. preparing for and attending 2 craft fairs (including doing production runs of some of my more popular items)
B. Working on the garden
C. Trying to get my Etsy store into a highly functional groove, spending time creating listings, photographing, retouching, and creating a database to track my inventory
D. Avoiding doing C.
I swear I don’t know why I have such a difficult doing this sort of thing. But I do.
My original plan was to have the Etsy store all set and to have the computer insanity sorted out by the end of July… well that didn’t quite happen. I have a long history of overloading my to do lists and no doubt my goals were a bit lofty however I probably could have done a bit better.
Time to focus on the positive here… There has been a great deal of progress on the listings, My actual inventory has been counted and reorganized so I can find everything and I’ve gotten a pretty slick little inventory sheet made up for myself. Having a clear snapshot of what, where and how many at my fingertips makes me feel much calmer, and makes deciding what needs to be done next that much easier.

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