Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to Make a Podadah Path

This week I started the first of the paths in the new garden, I’ve dug up so many Podadahs* that it seemed the only thing to do with them was to use ‘em up as the paving materiel for all the paths between the beds. To make them I start with a layer of newspaper that I hope will discourage weeds, lay down a layer of podadahs which instantly and magically become cobblestones. I pack ‘em as tightly as I can then fill in the cracks with stone dust. The stone dust hides the newspaper and helps to keep the cobbles from shifting around. I start at one end and just work along until my knees feel like they will give out. After a heavy rain I will go back over with some more stone dust to fill in where it gets washed in and needs more filling. Don't let that picture up top fool you, that is the part of the garden that is done the rest of it is a tangle of dirt and rocks. Only 3 more large beds to go (dig, amend the soil, edge, and mulch) and 6 more paths…Phew

*podadah: the Rhode Islandese pronunciation of potato, also, a fair description of any small mostly useless rock around the size of a small mans fist or smaller but still large enough to annoy when trying to plant a garden

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