Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wrapped up

Tonight I got the dyes out again. I’ve had some success selling scarves through one of my consignment shops Waves of Creation down in Wakefield (yay!), so its time to replenish. 2 sizes of habotai silk scarves in two color palettes. I’ve worked with both of these color combos before and have been pleased with the results. The first combo is a very soft pastel group of warm muted tones gold, plum, green and taupe. Together they remind me of fields of wild grasses going to seed, very late summery. The second group is deep twilight jewel tones purple, blue and green. For both palettes I mixed a dark and light density of each color then sort of went to town…
I try to keep the number of colors down to 2 to 4 (plus light tones of each) otherwise I find it becomes a big muddle (emphasis on mud).
As long as I had the dye out I went ahead and did some shibori rice paper and some pima cotton in fat 1/2s… tomorrow I get to see how it comes out


beth said...

I Love those colors! I'm really finding that need to stick with the muted earthy colors now too. I think they are very comforting to work with.

Congrats on the consignments too! That's fabulous!

alsokaizen said...

Hi Beth
Thanks!I'm glad you like them, they are washing out as I type, I hope mine come out as lovely as yours