Monday, August 11, 2008

The Results Are In

Well these two dye lots were a mixed bag. I like how some of the pima cotton came out and the scarves look pretty but the paper doesn't make the cut. I've never done scarves with these two palettes before (I've used the colors for other projects including a successful group of papers)

The soft pastels performed well on the silk, the darker color densities created a vein like effect that hopefully will evoke leaves and not lungs. Although a healthy lung is something to be appreciated.
The deep jewel tones look nicest when all three colors were used as all of the reds and golds from the purple and green pulled out to create a pretty northern lights effect.
Overall I like 'em.

The pima cotton swatches were less consistent, the darker jewel tones are overall a more successful set. I love three and like the other one.
The lighter pastels well, I only love one of them but the others have their charms. I just find them a bit watery looking for my taste, I prefer more defined shapes. I think I would have liked the results better if I had used a heavier hand when applying the dye. Itajime falls short for me when there is too much white left in the fabric and the pastels were very light in density so they didn't have much "push".
Watery looking is how the paper came out. I think I needed to press it more after dyeing to get the excess juice out. Live and learn.


Anonymous said...

just catching up a bit on blog reading and left my comments on flickr- i tend to agree with you here for pretty much the same reasons.
you have gotten quite practiced at the itajime patterns here!

alsokaizen said...

hi glennis i hope your vaca was fun! good to have you back!

beth said...

I'm loving those middle colors on the scarves and the jewel toned papers. I'm a sucker for those deep blues and greens.

alsokaizen said...

Hi Beth, I'm glad you like em :)