Monday, November 23, 2009

Observations from a craft fair

Yup I'm still wrapping rocks.

It was kind of amusing to bring them with me to a craft fair I did a couple of weekends ago. I find it gives me a sort of instant insight into people.

the first question is "what are you making?" "I'm wrapping rocks with thread"

then the question changes to "why?" "cause it looks neat... see?"

At this point people would either slowly move away from me figuring it was some sort of therapy

(possibly correct)

or they would move closer and take a look at it and engage.

Some wanted to turn it into something more "those could be used as jewelry"

and a very few were interested in the small objects just as they were, discussing the idea of an object being imbued with a spirit of its own.

Honestly I don't know why I am wrapping rocks with thread. I am just playing and it is fun.

good enough for me.

(I am taking them with me to the next couple of craft fairs though!)


jan in nagasaki said...

when i first saw some of your rocks and wrapping and strings... my first thought was not WHY? but,

"hey, I want to do that, too!!"

seems like the most natural thing in the world....

by the way... I am LOVING the two shirts i got from you... blue rock shirt and blue-ish peace sign shirt... I get all kinds of compliments when I wear them...and my son Loves the green-ish reggae colors shirt i got him...and my sister and i LOVE the bamboo socks.
WE LOVE IT ALL!!! thank you!!!

julia moore said...

I have an artist friend that does nothing but wrap rocks these days. She is originally a basket weaver. She has done some amazing work, even won an artist's residency to pursue her theme. Her name is June Kirzog-Hinson, but she doesn't seem to have a web presence. Anyway, you are in good company, rock wrapper...rock rapper...rock n rap? oh stop me!