Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finished Screen

Sewed the panels onto the frame Friday night and put the screen back together on Saturday morning. So happy I was able to get some photos of the finished screen in daylight.

It is now residing in our bedroom.

I'm really interested in the manipulation of the shibori by way of tucking the fabric. I like the solution because it keeps the shibori intact. Usually I'm not too precious about the fabrics I make but in this case I just didn't want to lose any of the flow of the pattern.

(In case you haven't seen the development of it check here, here and here for more)

I have another piece of the discharged fabric that seems to suggest itself for another of this kind of experiment.

I've been having some difficulty getting into the blogging flow lately.

I'm torn between reestablishing my daily blogging schedule and up leveling the quality of the blog itself.

On the one hand I like the discipline that daily blogging reinforces, however the other hand is that many of the daily posts are sort of lame. Ideally I would like all of my posts to have some quality to them.

I am waffling back and forth as I try to sort it out.


Elizabeth B said...

The synergy between the shibori and wooden frame is wonderful.

As a reader, I always like hitting your blog because I know I will come away with something meaningful that changes me in some way. It could be simple images (like the leaves or elements from nature), or something you've done (like today's work), or something you've written (actually, like your current musings over which way to take the blog). I wouldn't want to see you lose that by forcing posts... But then I have to step back a moment and consider why YOU do a blog... first and foremost it has to be for you (NOT your reader). And if it's the discipline of regular postings that you need as a catalyst to get going right now, then that's what you should do. Just my 2 cents. I'll be reading either way.

alsokaizen said...

Thanks Elizabeth
I'm glad you like the screen! I do too.
and thanks for your thoughts on blogging, I have been engaged in this internal wrestling match as to what I'm trying to achieve and its quite possible I'm overthinking the whole thing :)
Daily blogging can be a strong tool for me to reinforce a daily creative practice
but like anything else it can become opperssive IF I get perfectionistic about it,
and that is a pit trap I am all too familiar with.

julia moore said...

I am a relatively new blogger and totally in love with this new toy, so I blog alot. Maybe as one matures in the blog process, it becomes less necessary to post everyday. Follow your heart, gifted one. I know that I can learn alot from you, so I will hope to hear your thoughts as often as you want to give them out.
Also, I too do not have a clear goal for my blog, because it is a new medium for me and its potential is still unfolding. It certainly has refocused my energy and desire to be consistently creative and this positively shapes my direction as an artist. I have learned new computer skills and have even more to learn and that is important because I am in my 60's and it is good for my brain. And most importantly, I am developing a sense of belonging to a huge, talented community of fiber artists that has no geographical boundaries...this is mind boggling and none of us may yet know the power of this phenomenon. So I want to be a part of it and do my bit to make "it" happen, whatever "it" is.

gunj said...

this is so beautiful. i love reading your blog and love the stuff you do..

alsokaizen said...

Hi julia
I love the community out here in cyberland too! I can always find someone doing something wonderful who is sharing with us all
Hi gunj
Thanks I'm glad you like the results its been an interesting process!