Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stuff I've Found

I've been collecting odds and ends my whole life. As an adult I've sort of censored the impulse after all its not very "grown up" to drag home bits and pieces. I've been easing off of that policy lately and so if it is fascinating and vermin free and unlikely to smell bad I collect it and keep it around.
Some recent finds...
Crimson Japanese maple leaves, the last beauties of the season. These will join others that I have been pressing for some special folks in the Southwest who don't get to see quite the same fall colors as we enjoy around these parts.

Paper wasp nest (uninhabited thankfully!)
I Love the quiet rhythm of the cells and the play of light over it reminds me of shibori.

Insect carved twigs
They really look like mysterious runic writing, beetle tales.

One perfect dot
This one is for jude! I have been following her dotted line for months....
and I'm so excited that she will be putting out a book!


jude said...

hey! you have intrigued me with the dots of that hive and wow, those insect carved sticks....nature is way ahead of us.
thank you for the perfect dot. and your support. a dot today could be that tiny point where a connect is made. xx

Elizabeth B said...

These are simply beautiful. Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty that's right in front of us because we're not paying attention, or not looking closely. Thanks for reminding me.