Saturday, December 19, 2009

All About the Cookies

I haven't gotten into the spirit of Christmas for the past few years. I've been turned off by the sheer expense of money and time that is demanded? expected?

Decorating has seemed to be another thing to clean up come January, extensive gift giving a serious drain on the bank account, and all of it seemed to suck up time I needed to use for other things.

The past year has been about releasing old ideas, thought patterns and stuff. One thing I have been learning to let go of is old dreams whose time has passed. Doing so has let me be alot more relaxed about what to spend my time on.

Imagine my surprise when the holiday season rolled around and I suddenly remembered that I enjoy decorating the tree and I like making cookies.

I still don't want to put myself in debt for a bunch of stuff and god knows I will never be a Martha however today was dedicated to the cookies and it was fun.
Oh and the house smells awesome!


florcita said...

I couldn't agree more. I thinks it is absolutely ridiculous how this season has turned into one big commercial time of the year... buybuybuy... the bigger the better. Im not a religious person but I do enjoy spending time with my family and that is what christmas always meant to me. I dont need gifts, just time to chat and eat and enjoy...
I re discovered the joy of the season again last year when I had a quiet time with only a few people and a very relaxed few days. It really felt like christmas... and cookies help make the time even better!

Best wishes for 2010!!

alsokaizen said...

Thanks florcita
Keep the spirit and I will too!