Friday, December 18, 2009

Making Dyes

As promised here are some pictures of the dye batch I made last night
I use electrical zips for the resist, they are a little easier to manipulate than rubber bands and create a nice line

I fold each shirt in half lengthwise and draw a line on it using washout pencil where I want the division between the green and the red dyes

I pleat the fabric along the line and attach the zip

The shirts are laid out in groups with the planned color areas aligned

Dyes are mixed and bottles filled, then the colors are squirted onto the appropriate areas

This is the end result


Julie said...

I hadn't thought of using these plastic ties so thank you for sharing this idea.

alsokaizen said...

They create a really nice resist
you'll like them!

Julia Moore said...

Thank you for the dye lesson. These are very stylin' Hope you sell them all like hotcakes.

florcita said...

very very cool!

Vashti said...

These make me think irresistibly of Jamaica. Thanks for the great photos.