Monday, December 14, 2009

No Clear Direction

This is one of those experiments that sort of whisk you off for a ride then leave you at the side of the road in a completely unfamiliar neighborhood wondering where the hell you are.
It started off with a discharge/burning experiment.
Unsatisfied I over dyed it.
Then I left it for awhile because I wasn't sure what to do next.
After making the screen it seemed a good candidate for the tucking/stitching so off I went on another adventure.
Now don't get me wrong its kinda cool and I like the way the dye work is complimented by the tucking. I just haven't the faintest idea what to do with it now. Its large too, about 42" square.
I think it will lurk in my studio corner kinda smirking at me with a "well? what are you looking at?" attitude for awhile...

It may be at the end of its journey or it may want to go for another ride, I just don't quite know right now.


jude said...

oh i never now, but i do like all the elements here. i was quite unhappy with a few things lately. i cut them up in a frenzy and a new story emerged from the deconstruction. there is always a use for idea.

alsokaizen said...

In my wiser moments I remember that some projects really are just about the grand experiment, imprinting the muscle memory with new ideas no more no less