Monday, January 11, 2010

Double Dipping

Still trying to use up this teal fabric that I found during the purge of '09.

These 4 were first dyed in itajime patterns with navy over the teal, it lacked contrast so I refolded it and did some discharge over it.

The bleach solution was rather weak and the result is kind of interesting. they look aged to me.

Kind of a winter turquoise.

I have read in a couple of places that Pantone has declared Turquoise to be the "color of the year" As I understand it this is based on observing trends in the design world... of course it is also about marketing and getting people to want to buy new stuff.

My feelings on that subject are very mixed.

On the one hand both my day job and my personal work are about making stuff and selling it. My continued financial health is based on making stuff that people will buy.

On the other hand I realize that that constant consumption is what is driving this planet into an early grave (at least for us, I suspect some species will make a happy home in our ruins).

I guess that is one of the reasons I am so attracted to the Slow Cloth idea that Elaine has brought us. (check out the convo on facebook) I think beautifully created items are important to us and by being in touch with the process that brings us those things we learn to value one another and the individual contributions we each make.


jude said...

a nice post and difficult questions we all need to answer....thanks for being part of the group.

Anonymous said...

ahhh. yes. the blue. lovely itajime. hope you post some of it up to flickr. glad you are enjoying slow cloth.

Quilt or Dye said...

Lovely work!

leilani said...

It is a conundrum--this whole buying/consuming/possessing vs repurposing/making business. I suppose it is up to each individual to decide what is right for her/himself. Like everything else in life, a thoughtful balance is called for.

Velma said...

beautiful work, color is so fine. and the pattern.