Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Larger

I have been working on this stone (as well as a few other things) in the wee hours of the morning.

Its the largest one I've made yet.

Dark charcoal grey with a lightly rough surface like used sand paper. There are glittering flecks in the stone that glint when it is moved or moved around.

It is wrapped in three shades of gold and two of grey, the golds stitched over with three shades of red, five golden beads were added for just a little "special"

Its size gives it some presence, and the opportunity to weave the threads in a visible pattern.

Waking early is tough, I can manage it on weekdays with reasonable ease (I have to get up anyway)... weekends not so much.

The real payoff is on nights like tonight, I got home from work seriously fried and in no mood to dive into a project. Happily I have already logged in a little studio time so I'm off to kick back with a trashy novel and a glass of wine.


florcita said...

this is sooo pretty. THe roughness of the stone and the shinny wires... really good. Very abstract...and even ethnic in a way...

alsokaizen said...

Hi flocita
I'm running a little late on my responses here at the blog sorry ...
I agree there is an ethnic quality to this one, just not quite sure which ethnicity it would be, I think it has some influence from Africa and the SouthWest of America