Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, I said I had plans for that last piece and here it is.

A small folding screen suitable for a table top.

Each panel measures 14 by 11 inches.

A good learning experience, I would like to try a large one but there are certain technical points that it would be nice to refine.

I am often stumped by what to do with the shibori I make. Perhaps I get too close to it, many times it seems too pretty to cut up. I am trying to get past that as I think it stems from a lack of confidence in my "making" skills... I certainly love to see things others have made from my fabrics!


Julia Moore said...

Oh this is just beautiful. I like the way you have set the grid off kilter in the second and third panels. It creates an optical illusion to me, like I could fall into the space (and float away?)
I know, cutting up our beautiful fabrics is hard sometimes. But it is good to say, "I will make more, and better, soon as I have used up this.(or you can stash some away and forget about it and "find" it again next year.)

alsokaizen said...

Hi Julia
I agree with you its always a charge to make new stuff and there is no sense to stacking it up to the ceiling and it feels good to let it go to become something more.