Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holding Breath

I got my rubber gloves on tonight and dyed up 2 batches of itajime. Both batches included some pieces of linen that I had been saving for the right project. I am kind of biting my nails hoping it came out well as I want to make some table runners out of it.

I haven't dyed much linen before but I love the fabric's smooth crispness. I have a fantasy of someday having linen sheets.

I am working on some projects with a particular goal in mind but I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet. Sometimes when a goal is important to me I get reluctant to discuss it. I just can't risk the potential negativity I might encounter (or imagine).
I have been pushing myself to get up before work and spend some time in the studio, and to finish some odd projects.
This is the paper quilt I started back in September, and no it isn't done but I'm willing to set it aside while I work on more important stuff right now.


leilani said...

Analisa - I so understand not wanting to talk about or share some things until they are completed.

Ah, linen - my favorite fabric for shibori - it's like no other. If your pieces don't quite turn out the way you wanted them to, remember, you have someone here who is always interested -- particularly in your linen pieces.

Oh yes, the paper pieces are exquisite.

alsokaizen said...

Hi lelani
yea sometimes I think its just superstition I'm afraid I will jinx it but other times I think its a matter of not diluting the energies.
The linen did get used unfortunately but I have gotten some new cottons done...