Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another dye lot

Grey and brown.

Bold stark lines wrapped in white and soft grey. That is what I'm seeing now and that is what I'm dyeing.

Well that and these, the first try at a very particular dye batch, I learned a couple of things, such as I need to do more tests to get the look I want...

The silk reacts differently to the dyes than my usual cotton.
My colors are not as planned.
Time to make some notes, and think things through, and stitch a little.


neki desu said...

perhaps it's the dye mix.colors sometime separate in the dyebath due to different striking rates. don't know why it is more noticeable in silk.
your dyed pieces look rich and interesting

alsokaizen said...

Hi neki
I think that it is exactly right, I'm planning an experiment to observe activation methods, and thickener and air exposure to see if I can't control it a little more... I will keep you posted

Storycloth said...

I think these colours are quite superb. Gilly

alsokaizen said...

Hi Gilly
I like alot of them too but in this case I have a very particular concept I want to match, will be testing this weekend...