Thursday, February 3, 2011

CWB- 5th Experiment, encasing

The big storm that washed across 2/3 of the country this week hit us with some snow and more freezing rain. Every twig is encased in ice. I know it can be horrifically destructive but we seem to have dodged that bullet this time. The aftermath of ice like this is a vision. Morning light glistens on every detail and glows deceptively.
This winter world I am inhabiting is surely influencing my choices of dye colors as well as my design ideas.
I did this before the ice but I can see the influence in color and action.
Wood grain shibori in grey and brown mimics the thickets of branches that capture me in the landscape. Each piece is isolated and encased in denim as twigs captured in ice. I spread out the weaving to give it some room to breathe.
I really like this one


coral-seas said...

I'm enjoying your weaving experiments. I really like this one. I thought that it was ispired by the ice encased branches until I read the text.

Herm said...

this is so beautiful! do you make your own shibori fabric? i tried it many years ago on silk and loved it.

jude said...

same weather here. i like this one too.

alsokaizen said...

Hi carol
Perhaps it was deep in my unconscious mind, I've always been captivated by the after effects of ice storms
this time though the work preceded the event :)
Hi Herm
I do make my own shibori, this piece is from my last batch, inspired by the winter grays all around me. I will probably make some more this weekend, IF I'm not shoveling!
Hi jude
thank you
this workshop is really helping me to process ideas,
I'm so glad I'm involved in it

Velma said...

this one is very nice.

Velma said...

i really like this one, too.