Monday, February 7, 2011

CWB experiment 6-more transparency

This is the last experiment from my first dye batch.

Here the shibori is being shrouded by layers of cotton gauze, interesting but not quite working the way I envisioned. It is really hard to see but each of the strips is 3 layers; plain shibori, covered halfway with one strip of gauze which in turn is covered halfway with another strip of gauze.

I was hoping for a gradual erasure of the shibori. The effect is not happening for quite a few reasons, color, contrast or lack of it, and the weave itself is distracting from what I'm interested in seeing.

I dyed up another small batch of fabrics to play with tonight and I may be able to take another whack at it tomorrow.


jude said...

maybe silk gauze would work better.

neki desu said...

been following these with interest.
they are all packed with creative ideas that could give you themes for years

alsokaizen said...

Hi jude
silk might be a better choice but I think the main problem is the muted contrast in the dyed area, back to the drawing board on it :)
neki you are SO right each of these give back so much food for thought, a banquet is forming!