Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wow! Thanks jude!

I'm so excited! Today I received a little package from jude with a selection of transparencies to play with.
from top to bottom: cotton harem cloth, a jazzy eyelet, handkerchief weight cotton, krinkle gauze, silk gauze, embroidered linen? and another eyelet.
It inspired me to dig out my light table and play...

Harem cloth over bright red, lit from behind

and in front

jazzy eyelet over shibori

and lit from behind

handkerchief weight cotton, playing with diffusion and folds

krinkle gauze over loose dyework

Silk gauze over arashi
embroidered linen over batik
eyelet over itajime

Lots of food for thought here.
It is really interesting how the direction the light is coming from changes the look of the pieces so drastically.
makes me think about time and the passage of light as a day winds by.


liniecat said...

lucky you! Very interesting, wouldnt have thought to look at them thru or over a light source....duhhh, but what great results!

jude said...

hey, you are giving me ideas!

alsokaizen said...

I gotta play some more! SO fun!