Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have been considering taking Lisa Call's "Working in a Series" class. I know I could benefit from it, working in a series leads one so much deeper, and it looks fun and challenging.
but  I also know that I don't have the focus for it at the moment, well, not enough focus to do my best, and my ego demands that that is what is required,
my edge is not about the work right now it is about the emotional hurdles that have become attached to the act of working
So I postpone, hoping to take it another time and start again on my own.
I am considering trying a series on my own, without a class.
Maybe some stones...


deanna7trees said...

a beautiful start.

neki desu said...

yes, go for the stones! after all you've benn working on them on and off for some time now haven't you?

alsokaizen said...

Yes on and off, off and on :)
it is a good place to start.