Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Little Some Big

Carol was wondering about the size of the stones I have been working on.
It varies a bit some are smaller than a penny and some are nearly the length of my hand. This photo gives some reference.

They all were rather small at first and I just wrapped them up with thread willy nilly.
It was a lark. Something fun to do.
 As I've gone on I've become much more attentive to the choices I have been making; what color thread? shall I add beads? how can I attach them?
At some point it became a more serious venture.
My taste began to assert itself.
Then questions of:
 how best can I present these? Should they be framed? handheld sculptures?
Finally the big question: Are they worth it?
Yep that is where I got snagged, still am if truth be told.


deanna7trees said...

bringing beauty to others is always worth it and these are beautiful.

neki desu said...

yes, they definitely are. and i'd present them in plexiglass urns, something unobtrusive yet containing them.

coral-seas said...

Does making them give you pleasure? If it does, then it is worth it.

For my part, I enjoy seeing them :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you could go about displaying the stones, but I definitely think they are worth it. They make me smile everytime I see them.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

what a cool idea!