Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beginning Again

I can't believe I haven't posted since May!
I was sure I had done something in June art/blogwise.
Well there has been plenty to distract myself with; a Nidan test (passed!), vending at 2 Art fairs (both good ones), two new dogs (more in a moment), and most recently the release of "A Dance with Dragons" a book I have been waiting for for 6 years (it was awesome).
These are the two biggest diversions by far, Dillon and Zena:
Let me introduce them individually.
This is Zena.
She is about 2 years old and has never had a real forever home before. She is some sort of mix, we aren't sure what, Lab/Plott Hound/Pitty/?? There is no sure way to know. What we do know is that she is extremely friendly, a bit on the submissive side, untrained, and very bright. The first few weeks were full of accidents, upset stomachs, and nervous behavior (mostly mine). In the last week and a half though things have begun to settle down. She has begun to get the idea that this is hers, her home, her people, and she can relax here, and so can I.
This is our second adoptee Dillon.
He is 2-3 years old. A Chow mix, probably Shepard. He is a boob, no way around it, a complete mama's boy and as sweet as a bumbling goof can be. He was given up for adoption, is trained in the basics (sit, name, stay) and can probably learn more, he's really eager to please if there are no major distractions (chipmunks, bugs, other dogs, other people or grass).
The two of them have consumed most of my attention for the last month. I think it has begun to settle down a little bit now and today I actually spent some time in the garden!
Time for me to start thinking about working on some other things again.


coral-seas said...

I'm pleased that you have some new canine friends. Two is good they will be playmates for each other. Do they get on well? They will never replace your lovely Rasta but they will fill some of the hole she left in your lives.

liniecat said...

What lovely looking dogs! Hope they settle well and that you enjoy them for many years to come.

alsokaizen said...

Thank you!
They do get on well, they were fostered at the same place and knew each other when we got them.
That is the main reason we got 2 new dogs at once :)
They have begun to settle in very nicely now.
Rasta was one of a kind no doubt, but these two are quite a pair.