Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Spirits

They seem to develop personalities as I work on them.

No, that's wrong,

the stones have a presence before I touch them. The more I respond to that the more successful they are.

These photos were darker than I intended.
I like them though, it turns them into little planets floating in space.


deanna7trees said...

that's what i was thinking before i read it. 'things in space'. these are great.

neki desu said...

really,really enjoying this

coral-seas said...

I saw this post before the previous one in which you are holding a stone. Until now I'd imagined them to be much larger. They say the camera never lies but it can certainly paint a false picture :-D

I really like your wrapped stones and like them even more now I see they are pebbles not rocks.

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous - very calming and I love the way they seem to float in space, with one side partly shadowed.