Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patching it Together

Back from our whirlwind of a getaway! I did a little stitching while we were away but not much to show yet.

Last night after arriving home I poked at the shirt repair. It has arrived at a place that I like, the little blue flower has been attached and everything is tacked down well enough to go through the washer and dryer. I want to soften the hard cut edges a bit and make sure it will hold up to that sort of treatment.

Lar doesn't think he will wear it and that is fine, I think when it is done I may list it in the ETSY store if I don't give it as a gift to someone. It occured to me that it has a hippie vibe that might appeal to some of the people who visit the shop. I may look at doing more of that sort of thing to try to create a bridge between the products that are in there with the sort of thing I am more interested in doing. I would like to bring Shibori Designs the business more into tune with who I am as an artist... As it stands now the shop seems to belong to one artisan and the blog another. (actually that disconnection applies to most of my life... food for thought)


neki desu said...

disconnection you say? hello, i live there.

alsokaizen said...

Oh good! a neighbor :)