Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Ate My Comments

So blogger has been a little wonky lately and I seem to have lost a couple of peoples comments. Who knows they may show up again tomorrow.

I know one person commented on the drawing and I just want to say that drawing is like riding a bike no matter how long you are away you don't forget, just a bit shaky for the first few seconds then it evens out and you start to remember again.

Tonight I had a rather strenuous karate class, I am currently practicing for my Nidan test and DN my Friday night teacher is enthusiastic about putting me through my paces in preperation. He must know what he's doing since he is a Godon but I'm kinda pooped now and I whacked my knee on one of the harder parts ofsomeones anatomy, its achy and should get a couple of minutes of ice.

I think this calls for a nice glass of wine and a little quiet stitching.

I've almost finished with the background of the LBB so that is where I will start.


neki desu said...

ni dan! impressed!!
enjoy your wine. and i too was vexed by blogger

alsokaizen said...

it was yum!