Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fixin' Pie

nope not cooking, just fixin'

I've spent quite a few days stitching the Magpie to the eclipse moon, enough that I don't want to unstitch it all...

too bad then that when I got done I was unhappy with the result.

I couldn't read the 'Pie from the background, not enough contrast in tone or temperature.
I considered a few alternatives, then inspired by the discharge experiments at SEW I opted to bleach the background out.

I stuck packing tape over the sewing in a sheet

Then I created a custom pattern by cutting (carefully) around the shape, peeling away the excess. I left extra tape around the edges to further protect the stitched motif.


A bleach paste was then painted onto the unprotected areas.

It worked really fast and more powerfully than I expected. So I had to put the whole thing into some vinegar water to stop the process. (not really recommended but effective)

Stuff I learned:

1. Water makes packing tape peel off of fabric


2. I should really test a bleach paste prior to slapping it onto a piece of stitching I'm fond of so whole heartedly.

In spite of myself it worked rather well.


Storycloth said...

The hand-like wings are very appealing. So much motion indicated by them. Gilly

Anonymous said...

The way you've constructed your birds is lovely - I really like the loose, almost sketched way they feel. And the discharging experiment made me smile in recognition - I do stuff like that without really planning it through first!! So pleased it worked out well though, and it did.

neki desu said...

it did work out well.
have you considered using anti chlor as neutralizer?

alsokaizen said...

Hi Gilly & Underatopazsky
I'm glad the motion is evident, I'm really trying to construct the as if they were gestural drawings.
Hi neki
I'm intrigued, can you point me to a site with more info on the anticlor?

alsokaizen said...

Hi Gilly and Alex
I'm glad that the sense of motion and the loose sketchyness are coming through, there is nothing like jumping into an experiment headfirst is there?
I am intrigued I will have to look for info on getting/using the anti clor, thank you!

liniecat said...

what a great idea covering it over like that and so glad it worked for you lol..... phew. It does look striking with the contrast and you can just imagine the down draft from the wings...smashing!